I’m Guilherme, a software engineer.

Welcome to my personal blog, where we will talk basically about coding, programming, architecture, design patterns and some time about travels, building toys (LEGO) and  investments, sometimes in portuguese, sometimes in english.

Currently, my preferred language is C#, but I also work with PHP and JS (both front end and back end with Node JS). Learning Python and Rust as 2019.

For now, I’m working with API banking and Open Banking concept in a digital bank company, based on São Paulo, Brazil and with a extensive experience in e-commerce ecosystem.

My interest in programming and development comes from early, if I remember correctly, from the age of 15, when a classmate taught me how to modify the default Microsoft Internet Explorer error page as early as 2006 in the computer lab at school, where I attended elementary school. Prior to that my focus was on robotics and mechatronics.

After that, I started learning web technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, AS (Flash), and gathering knowledge with books, Orkut communities and some forums over the internet. At that time, Stack Overflow didn’t exists yet, a dark era 😛

Then I’ve learned PHP, some basic features of Classic ASP and become moderator on few Orkut communities as Dreamweaver, general web development, PHP Brasil, HTML Brasil, and some other related.

Durante os anos de 2008 e 2010, participei de um curso técnico de informática no SENAC. Onde aprendi o VB.NET e me serviu de base para o mundo .NET

In 2011 I started a college course in FATEC in campus São Caetano do Sul, a public, technologist important university in São Paulo State. Taking the systems analysis and development course I had the opportunity to become a intern in a small/medium company where I could practice my skills. 

Since my job at the time was not to develop software, I did it in my spare time and in the meantime I developed a system to automate the use of an internal digital PBX system. At the end of this period I was offered the possibility to develop the integration between 2 systems that would come into use in the company, a new ERP and an e-commerce platform (VTEX). I believe this was one of the biggest challenges I have ever had in my career! I needed to develop something in a new language (C#) that would consume data from two systems I had never used before. Even today, even leaving this company for new opportunities, I still develop fixes and features for this integration, which remains firm and strong 😀

Until Nov, 2018 I stayed at this company doing some enhancements in that software and building news ones like video portals, internals systems and automate some process.

In the end of 2018 I went to C&A, a Brazilian and European famous fashion company. Here, in Brazil, they have about 300 stores all over the country and the e-commerce. There, for 7 months I worked with e-commerce team, in the squad of reversal and return process automation. There I had a big opportunity to know better Node JS as many projects was using that technology and learn .NET Core, until now I only knew .NET Framework.

June, 2019 a friend from C&A, who left the company some months before invited me to work with him at BS2 Hub / Bank BS2, a digital bank company where we build solutions for enterprise clients and is where I’m right now, until the time when I was writing this.

I also have some projects published on my Github, many of them are integrations solutions for many kind of services and some toolkit, take a look there, maybe I can help your job with that!

Take a look in what I had done in the last month: